BAC / SiteScope node and group hierarchy

New to BAC 8 setup and have some questions:

BAC8 with sitescope10 integrated.

I have about 600 nodes, mix of windows , aix ,linux,hpux and solaris spread over the world.

I need some tips as how to set monitoring up.

For instance I have AIX and HPUX in North America.

How do I set up group hierarchy and assign a group of templates to them.

Every new node could I just add the node to the group and it inherits the monitors in the group... not sure, new to me.

  • Verified Answer

    I would recommend the following: set up template that fits your AIX monitoring. The template could contain multiple monitor types. The important thing is that one of the template variables needs to be the node name (assuming SiS machine can resolve this). the template should contain the actual remote machine using that variable as its name. The group name of the template should contain the name of the node (again using the variable).
    Next, setup a list of your AIX machines in CSV file. if they have different login information, that could be another variable that you place in the same CSV file in the next different column. I would recommend using a variable for credential name, and creating this credential ahead of time, as typically this user/password combination is something that will be common for multiple machines, and this also keeps your CSV file clean from secure information.
    Now, create main group in SiS - call it "AIX AMS". right click - deploy template using CSV - and of course choose your template and use your CSV to do it. If you want it done very quickly (not waiting for verification), uncheck the relevant checkbox in the wizard so it doesn't connect to the AIX boxes during deployment. Refresh the AIX group. You should now see list of groups you created with the monitors underneath. Now start verifying that things are working, and you're done...

    to avoid a lot of hassle, start with single row in CSV file - see that this works well, and then add rest of the rows.

    after a while, if you realize you want the default monitoring to change for AIX etc, use the magical publish changes wizard of the template. This should be able to show you all the affected monitors, allow you to delete/add/modify and also not to choose certain changes that you don't want, and all in masses...