HP OneView Connector for OM, Version 01.00.031 what versions of Oneview does it support

Does HP OneView Connector for Operations Manager, Version 01.00.031 support OpenView 2.0.  Do you have a list of OneView versions it does support. 


  • Hello,

    When I check what the HPE BSM Connector for HP One View, Version 02.01.021 says. Key features of this release are:

    1. Support HP One View 2.0 domain manager

    I would say that this should mean that the HP BSM Connector for HP OneView, Version 01.00.061 does not support HP One View 2.0. But I cannot find such list you ask for.



  • Hi,

    We are using the HPOMIntOneView-01.10.011 integration between OML and OneView 2.0 (REST API version 200).

    It works fine, but we did encounter some initial problems in that the connector could not pull back events from OneView for some reason. After investigating various avenues we were suppllied a couple lua files, one to replace the oneview.lua and an additional http.lua by the developers in India.



  • Hello Nick,


    We would appreciate if you can you share the steps/guide/insight to how to do the integration between OML 9.21 and OneView v2 as we may need to apply same on a current environment. (this means no need for BSM Connector I assume?)