How to change state of event automatically when duplicate events come in.

Is it possible to change the state of event from Resolved to Open in BSM automatically when a duplicate event for the same issue comes in?


  An event created in BSM (9.24) which creates an incident in SM. The incident is resolved in SM which inturn resolves the event in BSM.

If the issue reoccurs, the duplicate count will increase. But is it possible to change the state of ticket from Resolved to Open? Because this helps me to reopen the ticket in SM?

Are there any options available in BSM to do this?




  • Before considering the solutions, one question is - when incident is resoloved in SM, is this not closed at that time? When is the incident and event closed in SM and OMi respectively?

    If the need is to reopen the incident when duplicate count changes for a resolved event, then it should be possible to do so using the SM integration groovy script. The script gets triggered when duplicate count changes on an event that has been forwarded to SM, so in the script you could look at the changed property of duplicate count and based on the event state of 'resolved', you could send an update to SM with incident state to reopen or open. This is just an idea, i have not tried it so cannt say for sure it will work.

    Please note, when OMi deduplicates events, the new event gets dropped and the duplicate count of the original event is incremented. 

    Another option to explore will be the EPI script before OMi deduplicates the event, find and update the duplicate event in EPI using OMi webservice interface.

    I hope it helps.

  • Hello MGoyal,

      When the incident is resolved in SM, I want to resolve it in BSM too. If the same issue occurs within a specified time limit (say within 6 hours), I want to reopen the same ticket as it is most likely the same issue and I dont need another ticket.

    Say after 6 hours of wait period, I would close the event in BSM so that the next occurrence would create a new ticket..

    The tricky part is changing the state from Resolved to Open for the same event in BSM. Once this is done,  can modify my integration adapted to change it accordingly in SM.

    It looks like there is no way to change the state automatically.

    Yes, I thought of doing it through EPI script,  where if if the event state is resolved, I can change it back to Open, but need to check what implicatons it might have on other events.



  • I was able to implement this (~90%) using a Time based rule using the date settings. EPI was also an option but have managed with Time based tule.




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