TBEC Rule - Symptom events also listed in the event browser instead of being suppressed.


   I perceive an issue with my TBEC setting in my OMi 10.01 version.

Im testing TBEC rules and I can see that even though the Out of the box correlations happen correctly, I can see both the Cause and Symptom events in my Event viewer. They are correctly marked as cause and symptom in the event details

But my understanding is TBEC rules reduces the number of events in event browser. Is there a setting which I need to configure to supress the symptom events instead of displaying both cause and symptom events?

I'm attaching a snapshot of what I see in my browser for reference.

Any pointers/explaination on this regard will be very helpful.



  • Verified Answer

    have you tried the "Cause only" Events Filter in your Events Browser?

    having 2 events correlated as "cause" and "symptom" doesnt mean the "symptom" should be closed and removed from your browser (unlike other events correlation OMi has to offer like dedup or pair-wise). once the "cause" event will be closed then you will see the "symptom" closed as well, but until then it will remain open. if you dont want to show it, then use the correct Filter.