SiteScope tool is occupying more memory of the server

Hi All,

We have SiteScope installed in our infrastructure which is occupying more memory space of the server.

Please let us know how we can reduce the memory consumption of SiteScope.

Also please provide us the list of parameters that needs to be checked pertaining to memory issues.


  • Hi Rohan,

    What version of SiteScope do you have and is it on Windows or Linux?

    How much RAM does the SiteScope server have allocated?

    Is this server dedicated to SiteScope or is it shared with other apps?

    How much RAM is free when SiteScope is not running (but everything else is running as usual)?

    There is a SiteScope config tool (available from the Start Menu in Windows or run config_tool.bat from the SiteScope bin directory).  I think this evaluates the server resources and resizes the heap sizes.  However, I don't expect it will make much difference if available RAM is lower than HP's recommended system req's.



  • Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Please find below the details:

    We have 11.11 version of SiteScope and it is installed in Windows server 2008 machine.

    SiteScope server is having 12GB memory.

    Server is dedicated to SiteScope only.

    SiteScope is occupying near to 6GB RAM and now utilization is 77%

    I am new to SiteScope tool and before running config_tool.bat file, just wanted to know how to run that file.

    and is there any impact running "config_tool.bat" file and also let me know whether we have to update any details after running that file. 




  • Hi Rohan,

    I have only worked with fairly small SiteScope deployments.  I had a look at the SiteScope 11.1x Deployment Guide and it has a table for high load environments on page 78.  These are where there are 16000 or more monitors across 1250 or more remote servers, and the recommended server RAM is 16GB.

    If your SiteScope server has a lot of monitors and a lot of remote systems, then SiteScope using 6GB of memory is probably normal.

    There is a log called server_statistics.log in ...SiteScope\logs, and this logs the memory usage within the JVM every minute, which may be of use.



  • Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your response.

    But in our environment we have only 1555 monitors configured.

    We have another instance of Site Scope installed in which nearly 1700 monitors configured and that Site Scope is consuming only 1GB memory.

    Please help me in finding out the root cause of this issue.



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