OMW-Support Tip:How to create measurement threshold policy manually?



To create a threshold policy Operations Manager for windows, go to Policy Management -> Policies grouped by type -> Agent policies.


Click on Measurement Threshold on the left pane; go to the right pane and right click -> New -> Policy


1. On the Source tab:


                Source type = Embedded Performance Component


                Data Source = CODA


                Object = GLOBAL


For monitoring the Memory Util:


                Metric = GBL_MEM_UTIL


For monitoring the Memory Pageout Rate:


                Metric = GBL_MEM_PAGEOUT_RATE


2. Go to Threshold levels tab:


                Select Maximum


                Select New from the right hand column


                Give a Threshold level description: Critical Alert


                Threshold >= 30


                (Note: if the percentage of memory in the node >= 30%, there will be a message to management server)


                On the Start actions


                Click on Message


                Fill the Message attributes fields appropriately

                                (Note: here you will configure how you want the message to display when it generates a message alert you can look for more information in the Management server online help under "Message Attribute")


                Click OK


                Select Active Msg. Browser and click OK


3. Finally Click Save and Close


Now the policy is created. Deploy it to the nodes where you want to monitor it by right clicking on the policy and All Tasks -> Deploy on