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not able to get data in BSM reports from RUM.

HI All,

we have BSM 9.24 and RUM 9.25 over here,

we have configured  RUM transaction in BSM and configured both BSM and RUM properly as there were no error while doing so.

but still we are getting "no data" in reports in BSM.

Kinldy help on this as this is production setup and its very urgent.



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  • Hi Mandarx,

    Can you attach capture.conf from your Probe?  I forget the exact path on Windows, but it should be in the etc folder in the RUM Probe install path.

    Also, it's possible that your RUM Probe is only seeing one half of the traffic (e.g. requests from clients to the web server only, and response traffic is missing - or the responses only, with the requests missing).  This may be why you see connection hits, but not page hits.  Can you analyse the traffic  with Wireshark, windump or netsh on the Probe?