BSM 9.25 - The Topview is showing but there is no BPM monitoring data dispalyed in all of reports

Hello community,

The Topview is showing data but there is no monitoring data when running any reports the output is "no data was found". The transactions (monitoring scripts) on BPM server are running and complete successfully. I checked BPM machine and it was good with green light.

I've checked partition manager log & offline engile log on the DPS and also DB loader log on the GW and see if there are errors and I've found some; it indicates failed to access profile DB data, but I am not sure why it's happening as DB is connecting with right credentials. Also, not quite sure about hiding partition and dropping partition as log indicates.

Please advise.

FYI, I've attached the screenshots of logs I mentioned above for reference.


  • Hi yangnigon,

    > BSM 9.25 - The Topview is showing but there is no BPM monitoring data dispalyed in all of reports
    typically happens when the data collector data reaches BSM fine, but the loader cannot add the data to the profile database.

    The logfile screenshots show that PM works fine (as far as the snippet can tell), but the loader fails to insert data because the database context is unknown: ERROR - Failed to access Profile DB data for SESSION_ID=181
    Failed to get the DbContext of profile 181 in DbContextHelper

    Did you recently change the profile database for that (or more or all) BPM measurements?
    Did you delete a profile database?

    Perform a 
      select * from <Management_DB>.SESSIONS
    and check if you can find an entry with SESSION_ID 181

    If it's there, then you should open a case with support to enable it to porperly look at the logs,
    a screenshot is not good enough.
    If you cannot find such an entry, but another one with the correct profile DB information,
    you might wanna check whether or not your EUM/BPM Business Applicaitons report to the correct profile database.


  • Thanks Siggi for your input.

    I was told by DBA that there is no such entries with session_id=181. The session_id=181 does not exist.

    According to your response, check EUM/BPM Business Applications report to the correct profile database. Is there a way to check that in the backend? (Do I go through each dabatabse and find each corresponding session_id???).

    How can I accomplish to see if EUM/BPM Business Applications report to the correct profile database? Can you provide some guidance here?


  • Verified Answer

    Hi yangnigon,

    you can check the logs and see what applications the loader fails on,
    one for example is
    application_name "xxx_DataPointer"

    To verify what profile db the Business Application is assigned to
    (this is done on a per Business Application bases, other then for SiteScope, where we have one SiteScope intance reporting to one profile database)
    go to BSM -> Admin -> EU; -> Monitoring
    select the Business Application
    on the right-hand side, tab "Properties", under "General Application Settings" there is a field
    Profile database,
    which shows the name of the profile database configured for this BA.

    If it's a wrong profile DB, your only option is to delete the BA and create it again, this time using the correct profile DB.