BSM 9.25 User Management with LDAP

Hello community,

I have an intersting issue in regard to BSM user management.

BSM9.25 is configured with LDAP and everyone seems to be fine with login and no issue except one user.
I've checked with AD admin and this user account is neither locked nor passowrd expired. Yet, this user kept telling me that he's been trying with the login, but he hasn't been able to access.

I see this user is in admin group in the User Management (Admin > Platform > Users and Permission). I was also told by AD admin that this user is in the appropriate group.

Can someone point out what might be causing this problem? Are there any log files that might give some hints on this issue from BSM perspective?


  • We faced a similar issue where the user could login but couldn't access parts of the application.

    Solution was to delete the user id from BSM users and permissions and have them login again.  Appears the UID was corrupted and this resolved the issue.

  • Thanks BTM for your response.

    I wanted to ask a couple of question. As I indicated, the BSM is integrated with LDAP currently. With that said, you mentioned that delete the user Id from BSM users and permissions and have them login again.

    I assume this process will delete the user Id in BSM internally (ONLY BSM) and does not affect LDAP in this regards. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

    As I mentioned, this user cannot even login to the BSM portal although BSM users and permissions show that this user is in the groups/users.

    I wanted to be clarified and make sure I understand correctly before I proceed.


  • Yes, delete only from BSM user tree.  Has no impact on LDAP.

    Our situation was that the user could login but not run applications in BSM so it may not relevant.

    Thought it would be an easy thing to try.  We went 4 months looking for a solution to our issue before R&D suggested we delete and re-add which immediately resolved the problem

  • Verified Answer

    AD admin reset the password for this user in the AD and this issue was resolved for now.

    I assume that there was some sort of synchronization issue between BSM and AD. That's my educated guess at this point.

    Thanks all,

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