BSM Support Tip: How to use Dynamic Partitioning tool (BSM 9.24 and later)

Dynamic Partitioning Tool analyses the profile database and gives recommendations for EPM values. Actually it is recommended to use this tool once every month or when BSM data grows significantly.

Important to notice that this tool is included in BSM installation starting BSM 9.24, you could find it under <HPBSM>\tools\dynamic_partitioning folder

Support Matrix

  • Databases: Oracle and Sql Server
  • OS: Linux/Windows

How to use it?

  1. You will need credentials for Management and Profile database



2. Once it is connect to the Management it will display all the Profile schemas, select the one that you want to analyze and connect to it



3. Then select the table that you are going to analyze, in this case it is selected the 3 sitescope tables. Click on “Calculate slice” button



Notice that the only thing you need to change it is EPM value, do not confuse “Recommended partition slice” column with “keep data for” in BSM


If you are using System Health and you get an alert related to Oversized Partitions, will be a good idea to run this tool to check the EPM value because could be that the EPM value set is smaller than the amount of data that BSM is receiving