OBR custom report

Hello Team,

We have one requirement for OBR custom report like, we have 1000 Nods & generating  daily auto  report. Now any one day any device goes down & 99.80  % was available the few nodes. So customer wants to generate daily report only those device was down & report generate only down devices. can you please guide us. how to do that.

any query for down devices to check in obr ? 



  • Open the report in design mode and add filter on uptime column to show only numbers less than 100.

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    I can give you a step-by-step guide with screen shots.

    The first thing you should do is do a "Save As" on the current SM System Availability Report, and place the report that you would like to customize into a new folder within the BI Launch Pad, called something like Custom-Reports, for your environment, just like the best practice of backing up a file to a safe place, previous to making a change to it.

    A good example of this?