EPM calculation for SItescope Data in BSM

Hello Experts,


Am looking to perform the EPM calculation for the Sitescope data and I have referred to the PLatform admin guide and


As suggested I have searched the samples in
<Gateway Server root directory>\log\db_loader\LoaderStatistics.log and am able to locate sample ss_t in the log file with the value: 73.214 , which refers to : EPM =4440( approx 73.214*60)


 But am not sure about the calculation of SM_RAWDATA_MEAS_DAY and SM_RAWDATA_MEAS_HOUR , as these samples are not present in the Log file , I think the reason being as they are aggregated data sample.


Can you please suggest how to calculate the EPM Values for these two samples...


And as per my understanding , following time interval uses Aggregated data only unless it is specified to use RAW data in the report:


Day report : Hourly aggregation Data
Monthly repot:daily aggregated data
Weekly report  : daily aggregated Data
Quarterly report : daily aggregated data
Yearly  report : daily aggregated Data



Please correct me if my understanding is wrong ....