connecting sitescope to BAC

whenever i connect sitescope to BAC, it seems it is never easy.


right now i am trying to connect sitescope 11.21 to BAC 9.23.


actually, they have connected and i can see the sitescope in admin-system availability management.


i am now trying to look in BAC Service Health to see the sitescope topology and status. i don't see them. i don't know which of the default BAC views to look at, i am using just the SiteScope SAP CCMS and SiteScope SAP Java Application Server monitors. they are set to report status and topology.


how can i see the topology and status in BAC service health?



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  • ok, that helped and i do see the sitescope and it's monitor topology under System Monitors view. only the SiteScope has a status, SiteScope Health = green. the sitescope monitors themselves do not have any status.

  • I'm not 100% sure, but what I think you're looking for is a Service Health view of the status of an application. You do this through RTSM. I'd suggest building a 'view' based on the SiS monitors you have for a specific application.


    Admin->RTSM->Modeling Studio


    From there you can search for CI's and build models / views.



    I hope this helps...



  • didn't help.


    the System Monitors view already has what i need. it has rows for all my topology already there, and it has a column to report the application status for each CI, it's just that the status values contain a "-", no status is seen. the status should be green or red based on the status of the item from SiteScope.

  • Ok, I think I understand the issue better now...take a look at the HP Integration Settings for each monitor. I believe SiS uses the default of Legacy System. This HI doesn't provide application status. You may want to change this in the Indicator Settings section. Basically, you want to map the indicators to HI's, which will provide both Application Performance and Application Availability values to BSM.


    Or, maybe I still don't understand what you're looking to do.


    In my environment, we use these metrics to populate status to the Service Health Views.



    I hope this helps...



  • in SiteScope, in the HP Integration Settings section for a monitor, i don't see anything that says "Legacy System". i see the following screen print below. i am unable to change the CI type value in thedropbox, and i'm also unable to change the Prioritize to value which is lower down in the settings section.





  • Look at the last entry in your screen print. However, your system looks better than ours. Most of our indicator settings are configured for Legacy System. HP states this is due to a bug back when we migrated from ver10.x to 11.x


    It's good to see that you do have this issue.


    The ability to change the CI type, I think, depends on the monitor type. Check a node specific monitor type like Ping. You should be able to change the CI type on that monitor type. Some monitor Types are not limited to a specific node. For example, a URL monitor could be tied to a specific host or it could be related to a VIP.


    I'm not familiar with the Prioritze to value. I am not able to change that value on my servers either.




  • we are only concerned with SiteScope SAP CCMS and SiteScope SAP Java Application monitors.


    so most of your comments don't apply. we don't care about ping monitor.


    what do i need to do to get these SiteScope monitors to report their status to BAC?