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Hi Expert,


We have BSM integrated with HP SM for incident ticket creation, And I want to generate the Report in HP BSM for all the incident created by BSM OMi event with the current status of the incident in HP SM,


How I can configure in BSM, Please suggest me on this,



Thanks you so much,




  • You cannot do it in BSM.

    You'd better ask this question in SM forum - maybe it's somehow possible to get such report in SM.

  • Hi Dmitry,


    Thank you so much for your reply,


    Okay fine this report we cannot generate from BSM, But I hope that we can generate the CI and Service Level Report,


    We have integrated Sitescope as data collector to BSM and UCMDB also for CIT sync and we are receiving the event from Sitescope, When I am generating the CI status report or KPI related report it’s not giving any data,

    I am getting the message saying that "No Data Found"


    To generate the CI status Report or Service Report do we need to customization on any component in BSM if Yes then which component,






  • you didnt mention on which CI you generate the report and whether your events resolve to that CI and they have resolved to HIs and if those HIs are impacting KPIs.

    once you answer these questions we will be able to help you. screenshots are welcomed.

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