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Hi Expert,


We have BSM integrated with HP SM for incident ticket creation, And I want to generate the Report in HP BSM for all the incident created by BSM OMi event with the current status of the incident in HP SM,


How I can configure in BSM, Please suggest me on this,



Thanks you so much,




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  • Hi Asaf,

    Thanks for your reply,

    For that CI we have lots of event in BSM OMi browser which comes from SiteScope, in the KPI Over Time and other Report also I am not getting any data if I am selecting the OOB System Monitors,


    i> Do I need to create Any view or Model to generate these Report?

    ii> Can you please explain how the HI and KPI is automatically assigning to the event or we have to create the HI and KPI for the particular event,


    Note: when I am selecting System monitors view in Event Browser filter, Its not showing any event do we need to add sitescope CI to System monitors manually.





  • Binod,

    you dont see KPI Over Time for SiS monitors since it is disabled by-design.  CI Status Alerts will be generated only if you will create them...

    as for your questions:

    1) no, you just need to use the "real" CI which is monitored by this SiS monitor. do NOT use the SiS monitor anymore.

    2) yes, but there isnt enough place here. i suggest training.


    have you read this blog: View article...? it will help you understand why you shouldnt use the SiS monitor and how to get away from it.

  • Hi Asaf,


    Thank you so much asaf for your Response,


    One more thing, I configured the SMTP details in below place:


    Platform Administration - Recipient Notification Service (Alerts Default Mail Settings)

    With Server name, username, password and I am receiving the alert in my mail


    Scheduled Reports - Email configuration

    I filled the details except user name and pwd because we don’t have the field for it, But I am not able to send the report on mail,


    Do i need to do any extra configuration in SMTP or BSM  to send the scheduled report on mail,





  • I dont think there is any thing else you need to do, but the best thing to investigate this issue is to open Support Case.