SiteScope 11.3x to 11.40 difference with filesystem monitoring


I recently installed a new 11.40, imported the configuration from our existing 11.33 and started looking for changes that might impair our planned update. Besides some minor tweaks(SQL drivers, permissions, ...) most of it seemed to work nicely - however the Dynamic Disk Space Monitor seems to have undergone some changes for 11.40.

Example server
11.33 delivers / and /boot
11.40 delivers /, /boot, /mnt (mounts), /run/user/* , /dev ....
According to the DEBUG log - both run the same statement /bin/df -T - but yield different results.
The only change I could find on short notice was a change to the RedHatEnterpriseLinux.config - 11.40 delivers
command=/bin/df -T
inaccessiblePattern=/(.*The file access permissions do not allow the specified action.*)/

These 2 lines are not present in 11.33(or just our installation?). Is this a feature of 11.40 to include mounts and tmpfs - and can we somehow exclude them again by default?

Can also open a case if that helps.



  • Hello,

    As you mentioned, this is a feature included in 11.40, however, what you can do is:

    - Make a backup of the current RedHatEnterpriseLinux.config template (in 11.40)

    - Try importing the template used in 11.33 into 11.40 (just copy/paste)

    Check if that helps, if not, then rollback the changes.


  • Well - that did not do the trick sadly.
    Are there any other ways to remove this feature - I'd hate to adjust all my dynamic disk space monitors.

    I suppose I could use
    /bin/df -T -x tmpfs -x devtmpfs -x nfs
    But this should really be a GUI customizable thing...

  • Verified Answer


    Well, then try the followin steps:

    • Rollback the previous changes you performed
      • Keep the original template, make a copy of the 11.33 template and change its name something  like RedHatEnterpriseLinux-v2.config (notice that I have added -v2 in the template's name).
    • Open the template and change its ID name by something like id=RHESLinux_v2
    • Choose this modified template in the remote connection settings.

    See below example:



    Let us know if that is helpful.