CI Reconcile in HP BSM 9.23

Dear Experts,


  We have integrated Sitescope and OMW with HP BSM 9.23. There are servers which are enrolled in Sitescope with IP address and same servers are enrolled in OMW with hostname.


 Due to this  two Unix CIs are seen in RTSM one with IP addresss and other with hostname. Because of this whenever we create a Topology map view in BSM we need to include two CIs. Please suggest us the way to merge two CIs into single showing the entire status.


We tried changing the remote server name also in Sitescope from IP address to hostname but hostname CI's monitored by field in RTSM is not updating to Sitescope it shows only OM.


Please suggest.





  • your SiS monitors should use the hostname, this way when the Unix will be created in RTSM it will reconcile with the Unix from OM.

    if the CI wasnt created after the change, i suggest to work with Support and fix it.

    you dont want to have duplicate CIs.... dont work around the problem, fix it.

  • i can only agree to what Asaf said above. in general the reconcillation process should make sure that there is only on CI instance for the same node. this as long as the conditions for the reconciliation of the node ci type are met. i would recommend to inspect if this is the case. you can go to ci type manager and look for reconciliation rule for the node ci type on the Detials tab.


    beside this you need to make sure that the remote servers are registered with their host name in SiteScope. because as long as the name attribute for the two server will no be identical obvioulsy reconciliation will always handle them as two nodes.


    in the end you can also influence reconcilation priorty in BSM in order to treat topology information from a certain source with higher priotry as another source. this could also be an option you could consider. personally i tend to find it pretty hard to foresee the effect of changes like these on the system though. so extended testing would be recommended when changing these settings.