How to monitor jobs under Scheduled Tasks using Sitescope


I want to monitor job created under Scheduled Tasks in Windows OS using Sitescope 8.2 or 9.5. I tried to find if any specific monitor can do this job but nothing seems to be working fine.

Is their any vbs script that needs to created with .bat file to do it via script monitor or any other option.

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  • Service Monitor or Log file monitor can do this

    The most straightfoward method is to use the SiteScope Service monitor to monitor that the Scheduler service is up and running properly.

    As for monitoring specific tasks, unfortunately, unless the task spawns other identifiable processes, this is not possible with the Service or Process monitor. However, it is possible to instead use a Log File Monitor to monitor the Task Scheduler log file at C:\WINNT\SchedLgU.txt. It contains entries like the following after a successful dispatched task:

    "test.job" (test.bat)
    Finished 1/17/2005 1:58:10 PM
    Result: The task completed with an exit code of (0).

    The Log File Monitor could then content match for the exit code (0 being good) with a regular expression in the Match Content field. Then the error condition could be set to error if the status is != 0.