EUM alert triggers question

Currently have a EUM Alert configured as follows:

Trigger Condition tab:

Event based trigger = Transaction fails

Data Grouping = checked

Filters tab - no values checked

Actions tab - Send to specified recipients checked

Advanced Settings tab - Send no more than one alert as long as the conditions that triggered the alert continue to exist

Trigger conditions is set to "at least 2 times out of 3"

Data Grouping is set to "group data by business transaction flow"

With this alert configuration running against a BTF containing 5 transactions the following occurred:

Run 1: First three transactions ran, 4th failed and 5th never occurred.

Run 2: First transaction ran, second failed (alert triggered), third transaction completed, 4th transaction failed (alert triggered), 5th never occurred.

Run 3: First three transactions ran, 4th failed and 5th never occurred.

Run 4: All 5 transactions completed successfully.

Need to understand why two alert triggers were generated on the second run. Run 1 fail and first fail on run two would surely initiate a fail (and alert), though after that seems that the alert criteria would be reset and logic would seem to state the the second fail on run two would be starting a new "2 out of 3 fail" criteria round, not raising another alert.


NOTE: information in the Help for BSM 9.25 does not cover setting for "business transaction flow" (at least what I could find )

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