BSM 9.26 IP1 services are not coming UP

Hello All,

We had BSM 9.26 on which we applied IP1 patch. After that there was certificate issue on one DPS so other DPS was working in meantime. Yesterday the certificates were restored and the entire BSM was made down to start in proper order but after that when we try to make system up, we are facing issue in starting of mercuryAS nanny service, its in STARTING state for more than 3 hours. Please see my findings and suggest something useful.

  1. BSM 9.26 distributed with 2GWs 2DPS
  2. DPS1 “MercuryAS” stuck in “starting” state.
  3. HornetQ throws:Q224018: Failed to create session: ornetQSecurityException[errorType=SECURITY_EXCEPTION message=HQ119031: Unable to validate user: hpbsm]
  4. We run the post-installation wizard successfully to re-create new credentials for the HQ cluster.
  5. Clear the HQ\data folder and  the JBOSS-As cache.
  6. Starting again the DPS01 services but failed to solve the issue.
  7. The hac-launcher.log displayed that not all HAC-services are registered.
  8. So, clearing the HAC tables in DB and running configuration wizard didn’t solve the issue either L
  9. Lookalike the error thrown in (3) means that “This error can also occur due some timeout of connection from JBoss to HornetQ”.
  10. So, the HQ (bus) fails to create JMS connection with MercuryAS and stuck on this step.

Please help asap...

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