The best way to connecto in SSH with a Cisco Router

Hello everyone i am trying to make a connection with a Cisco Router with my sitescope, but give's me always a timeout.

I allready had try making a connection with Putty in server sitescope and everything wen well but when i try to do that in sitescope, give's me a timeout.

What i am trying to do is add this router as a server in sitescope wih SSH connection (do not know if is the best way) i saw in internet that is the the best way to do that.

Is there anyone that can help me in this situation??


Best Regards

Nuno Borges



  • Nuno,

    When SiteScope makes a connection to a remote device we use the mindterm client instead of putty. I would try and connect to the cisco device using mindterm and make sure there are no issues there. You can access mind term client by going out to a command prompt to the /SiteScope/java/bin folder and issue the following command

    java -jar c:\SiteScope\WEB-INF\lib\mindterm.jar

    This should launch the mind term client. then at the top of the menu bar go to Settings--> New Server. Fill out the connection information and then click "Connect". See if there is any problems connecting?

    If there are no issues and you get connected the second issue that you may be running into is when you are setting up a remote UNIX machine you have to choose a "operating system". When you select an operating system you are actually referencing a file in the c:\SiteScope\templates.os directory when you open the file you will see a list of commands that we issue for that operating system for getting information for certain monitors. I am assuming that because you are trying to connect to a cisco device and not an actual UNIX box that we may be failing to run some of these commands and this could be causing the timeout. When you are creating the remote connection there is a "trace" check box that should give you more detailed output information about where the failure is occurring. Select that check box and save the remote. Then right click on the remote and choose "detailed test" Hopefully this will show where we are failing and I can direct you better from there to see if this will be possible or not.

    We also have in SiteScope the SNMP monitor which a lot of customers use for monitoring network devices and you may be able to get the same information that you are trying to get by setting up the unix remote. I wanted to mention this in case you had not looked at this option yet.


  • Thank's for your reply,

    Going to test this and after that put i give you feedback


    Best Regards

    Nuno Borges

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  • Please note in advance that SiteScope is designed to work with UNIX-style shells like bash, hence there looks no easy way to understand vendor-specific shell like Cisco IOS.

    That's actually the reason we have the dedicated HP iLO monitor for the embedded board which speaks SSH protocol but not running UNIX-style shell.

    If you want to monitor network layer devices, you should always look for the dedicated products like NNMi, or think of using SNMP protocol instead of UNIX remote.