OMi 10.0x License Types?

May I know what type of license we have in OMi, how they are different?


  • OMi is part of the wider Operations Bridge portfolio, hence the licenses covering OMi are called Operations Bridge licenses with Node as a license unit measure. OpsBridge licenses are available in 3 different editions - Express, Premium and Ultimate - which provide different levels of functionality (and may also provide different products, not only OMi). There are various add-ons (System Collector, TBEC, SLM etc.) also available (could be purchased separately from a corresponding edition licenses) in case the add-on functionality is not included in what the edition provides. There is also an option to upgrade less capable edition (Express, Premium) to more capable edition (Premium, Ultimate).

    Bottom line, there are lots of possible permutations of various licence options. So if you need more info, please ask more specific questions.