Configure SiteScope to be accessible using Reverse Proxy Server

Hello All ,

i had used the MF Docs , where i have SiteScope work over 8443 and Reverse Proxy that listen on 8443 and when i access the main url every thing is work good without any problem, But my issue after i enter the user name and password the url of reverse proxy is changed to the SiteScope url which i  don't want to be seen , is there is any configuration for that ?

My configuration in reverse proxy is from:

  • Map the SSL-enabled SiteScope default port 8443 to the reverse proxy server's port 8443. This enables to access SiteScope UI using the reverse proxy server using https://<reverseproxy>:8443/SiteScope.

  • Suggested Answer

    Hello Eslam,

    After checking the shared knowledge and very little few reports on this, it seems that this is a type of bug that had been tried to be worked on but due to lack of information on it, there is no visible or available resolution on it.

    This can also be an issue where there could be some misconfiguration. Besides the documentation, have you followed any other type of steps?

    An Enhancement Request can also be raised in regard to this, as I am aware that the reversed proxy does work in OBM or APM.