OBM Policy Testing with opcmon


 I’m trying to generate an event using opcmon for the OOTB policy Sys_FileSystemUtilizationMonitor to test a solution for Auto assignment of notifications for my customer. I having issues trying to figure out the right syntax to generate an event. Can you please tell me how I can accomplish this.

/opt/OV/bin/opcmon Sys_FileSystemUtilizationMonitor=0 -object <obj>



  • :

    opcmon <Your_Policy_Name_Here>-<Policy_Source_Shortname_Here>=<Your_Numeric_DataValue_Here> -object <Your_ObjectName_Here>

    opcmon <object_name>[-<shortname>]=<value> [ -object <msg_object> ] [ -option <variable>=<var_value> ]

    <object_name> is the name of the measurement threshold policy. When the measurement threshold policy has been configured for multiple instance data, the <shortname> is used to uniquely identify each instance within the policy.


    /opt/OV/bin/opcmon Sys_FileSystemUtilizationMonitor-DiskSpaceUtil=95 -object <msg_obj>