SiteScope Corrupted Template

Hello Experts,

I tried to import a template using a csv. It failed to import for some reasons, but after some time i am not able to view template tab in SiteScope UI.

Error : An error while trying to get templates tree

I suspect this happend due to corrupt template . I read a post where it suggests to remove corrupted template using persistancy viewer.bat to resolve the issue.

But question here is, how could I find the corrupted Template ID  ??

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  • Hello try this:


    1. Stop SiteScope service, make a backup of the whole SiteScope instance.
    2. Go to SiteScope\bin folderà run PersistencyViewer.bat:
    3. Click on “Continue”
    4. Click on “Select Persistency Path”:
    5. Make sure the path is the correct, then click on “Open”:
    6. From the dropdown list, choose the option called “com.mercury.sitescope.platform.configmanager.treenodes.GenericTreeNodeConfigInstance”:
    7. Select all the templates (using “Select all” button) except the ones with the following names: “ConfigurationTemplate”, “SSFilter” and “SSObj”, order them by using the “Name” filter:
    8. Once all the templates are selected, click on “Delete” button, confirm the deletion of the templates:
    9. Go to SiteScope\persistency folder, create a new folder called “import”:
    10. Go to SiteScope\export folder and copy all its content, paste it into SiteScope\persistency\import folder.
    11. Start SiteScope service, the import folder should be empty after few minutes, after that, go to SiteScope UI and click on “Templates”, this should fix the issue.


    You may have to run this procedure twice

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