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Hi Sitescope experts,


I often heard from my colleagues that sitescope doesn't report accurate matrix from VMWare VMs. Is this true , are many customers experiencing the same and have differences in data reported by VMware vs Sitescope?

I would highly appreciate if sitescope experts throw some lights with latest updates related to current versions of Sitescopes that are used in performance testing.






  • Hello Sanjay,

    Quoting from the SiteScope Monitor Reference Guide:

    Inaccurate Performance Analysis Using Perfmon to Monitor CPU on VMware

    Problem: SiteScope uses Perfmon to connect to the operating system of the VMware virtual

    machine and query it for CPU usage of the virtual host. When used over a period of time to monitor

    CPU on VMware, Perfmon provides inaccurate performance analysis.

    Solution: VMware resolved this issue by integrating virtual machine performance counters such as

    CPU and memory into Perfmon for Microsoft Windows guest operating systems when VMware

    Tools is installed.

    I am attaching the guide to this thread, if you want to take a quick look to it. Please start on page 820. 

    Mauricio Fernandez | SW Support Engineer




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  • Hi Mauricio,


    Could you update the 11.3 reference document or link to any knowledge base document on this , please ?