BPM fails to start vugen trueclient script



i have recorder a simple web script with true client (vugen 12.50). The scripts passes the replay OK, but the bpm fails to start it. When I run it manually on the bpm, it shows an interactive message windows message window (see attached 1 and 2) with empty chrome window

I tried with both BPM 9.25 and 9.26

Not sure how to proceed, any help is appreteated




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  • Hi All,

    Sorry for the late reply, I am not monitoring this group.

    This post includes different issues unrelated to one another. I will try to clarify a few points. Should you be interested in further details I suggest posting TruClient related questions in LoadRunner practionnaries forum which I am monitoring on a daily basis.

    1. The dialog with "View the message" note on it is a Windows dialog that appear in case "Interactive Services Detection" service is turned on. BPM runs as a service and as a result any process it invokes runs as a service as well. TruClient is one of these processes. The difference between TruClient and other protocols is that is has UI. When "Interactive Services Detection" service is turned on, it allows interacting with services desktop to view the UI process running there. it is not a limitation, nor an issue. This is the behavior

    2.  There is no general limitation of TruClient not running on this or that version of BPM. There are very specific limitations in very specific cases (e.g. IE does not support local storage when running as a service and as a result TC IE cannot support it either.). Before you conclude there is a general limitation for which TruClient does not work at all in a specific BPM version please triple check it.

    3.  I have seen several comments of people trying to run scripts created in version X against BPM agent that supports X-1 or even X-2. I admit it is hard to remember LoadRunner-BPM compatibility matrix. My solution was to print it and place it in front of my eyes in my cubicle :-). I suggest doing the same since many of the issues you complain about here are related to that

    4. If you are certain the version of the script is compatible with the BPM agent please open a ticket and HPE experts will handle that.

    Thanks in advance,

    Shlomi, TruClient R&D