SC1394 Error Message when starting OMW 9 remote console



My customer has an OMW 8.16 server with  patch OMW_00144. We/they have now installed an OMW 9.0 Remote Console with patch OMW_00145 on a terminal server, and published this on their web portal.


When I log into this portal with the account that I normally use for OMW, and launch the OMW Console application, it initially shows the OMW console startup window (the one with the lighthouse on it), and then I get a little window with the following error msg:


(SC1394) Unable to Set Console Configuration


When I press the Details button on this, I get a new little windows which simply stating "(WMI4098E)". With no more text than this.


When I press OK on this, however, the OMW console actually starts successfully. And I am able to do everything that I can do in the normal console (start node editor, edit policies, launch tools, graphs, reports etc).


But we obviously want to get rid of that annoying error message during startup nonetheless.. What could be the problem?