SiteScope - Mass change of individual usename/password to Credential

Hi, I'm currently working a project to clean up our SiteScopes to make all the servers use a Credential Profile to make it easier to do password changes. Problem is, there are a lot which are using indiviudal username/password entries and it's going to take quite some time to go through and change each one individually. I'm talking over a thousand. Is there a script or function of SiteScope that would allow me to change a bunch of remote servers en masse to have them all be changed to us a certain credential? I'd appreciate any assistance.


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  • Thanks a lot for the reply, but could you clarify what you mean by "SiS root?" Is that in the SiteScope GUI you're talking about or on the SiteScope server itself somewhere?


    EDIT: Apologies, I actually found where you were talking about. Thanks, I'll look into it.


    EDIT EDIT: Okay, this looks like it'll definitely do the trick, but I tried to add a new server to test it and it doesn't show in the available targets when trying to change it. Is there some propagation time required before they show up? It's added like all the other servers, so not sure why it would be missing from that list.