Mobile access to BSM and/or OMi

With the recent removal of the HP Anywhere Service Health app from the Apple and Android stores, does anyone know of an iOS solution to accessing BSM 9.2x and/or OMi 10.x data, including Events Browser and Top View (both of which require Flash, a non-supported entity on iOS and my Samsung 'droid tablet)?

Web access from my flash-enabled Windows PC to BSM and OMi works fine so I'm sure Windows mobile devices will be fine.

Has anyone found a work around to this tablet hostile BSM/OMi situation?

I've tried the ancient (2010) HP BSMobile app but it keeps taking me to the Settings screen and pressing "Done" does nothing.

Note:  This is a deal breaker for NASA at KSC - I have some pretty upset folks down here...

Help PLEASE!!!

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