Huge SiteScope Perfomance consumption on Windows Server 2012 R2

Dear Experts,


After migration of two SiteScopes (WinServer2008 - > WinServer2012) we facing huge consumption on server resources.

- Both machines are fare oversized according to HP requirements.

- Both machines were running fine on WinServer2008 with the same configuration and monitor load.

- At both machines, resource consumption increases on each after a time period of appx. 2 months after migration (at beginning everything was fine on Server2012).

- Both machines run on VMware ESX 5.5

- We had this problem with SiS11.24IP4 and actually it remains with SiS11.24IP5.


Has anybody faced the same experience with Windows Server 2012?

I would be grateful for ideas / hints, any inputs on how to resolve this Problem?


Thanks and Best Regards,






  • CPU usage seems staying ~40% just for a little while around 12:50 but not sure why it goes 100% in other periods.

    [Suspend all monitors] from General Preferences UI sometimes help us understand the portion of CPU usage without monitor runs. In case CPU usage become low, some/group of the monitors should be consuming available CPU resource so we should try to find them. Typically more error we see in error.log, the higher load it will cause.

    We may also want to monitor [Sampler] tab of VisualVM for a while to see if there is any specific method() and/or Thread which look consuming CPU time or not. Best is to compare the trends with Windows Server 2008 machines in the same configurations.



  • Do both SiS servers reside on the same ESX server? Could it be that the ESX server is having problems with handling the load of all the hosts?

    Since you say that everything worked fine for two months, and then changed on both SiS servers, I would check if the reason could be "outside" of SiS.