RTSM Partial View Creation

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I have built a number of OBM RTSM instance based models with their own impact based perspective views. I now wish to create a second view of each of these models, but with a much smaller subset of the model's CI's.

I suppose that could choose  instead to build new instance based models for each that represent the smaller partial subset of CI's, with their own impact based views.

But what is the most efficient way to do this? I would have hoped that I could have built new views on the existing models, simply by selecting the subset of CI's I now need for the new views. Hiding is not an option since the calculation will be the same as for the other existing full views. Any ideas would be welcome.

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  • The content in a perspective-based view can be selected in two ways:

    • You can add individual CIs to the view manually, using the CI Selector. The CIs in the collection are independent of each other. In this case, the collection of CIs is not defined as a model and cannot be reused in another view.
    • You can add one or more models to the view, using the CI Selector. Alternatively, you can start by working with a model in the Model Editor and select Generate View for Selected Model to build a view based on that model. In this case, the identical content can be used to build another view by selecting the same models.

    You can select both individual CIs and models to form the content of a perspective-based view; however in that case, the models are treated as ordinary CIs. The models themselves are included in the view without their hierarchy of child CIs.

    You can search more information in this link:   https://docs.microfocus.com/itom/Operations_Bridge_Manager:2020.05/ModStudioBuildPerspective