BSM 9.24 - No user ID displayed after logout

Hi All,


In BSM 9.24 we are looking for the settting to clear the "Login Name" field on the login page after user logout from BSM.


In the menu "Setup and Maintenance" > "Infrastructure Settings" > "Security - Login" we set "Days to remember login" to 0. With the result that the admin user is presented in the login page after logout of AD users.


Can somebody point me to the setting to clear the "Login Name"  that is displayed on the login page completely after logout from BSM?


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  • Hi Dave,


    BSM looks at the cookie "lastEncodedLogin" for the host, it contains the encoded username it displays when a user starts the BSM GUI. The cookie is created with an age of 30 days. If you delete this cookie, the information is gone and the BSM GUI presents two empty fields.

    The cookie is deleted under certain circumstances (I didn't fully understand when exactly), but it seems that there is no setting you can configure ...