Difference HP-UX, HP/UX and HP/UX 64bit.

Hi all,


Who know about difference operating system choose for monitor remote server. i have issue about HP UX.


In Operating Systems have three HP UX type


1. HP-UX

2. HP/UX

3. HP/UX 64bit


What does it mean each type? and diffences? for choose operating system correct with my remote server.






  • Navigate to SiteScope/templates.os directory and check corresponding .config files. Here is what SiteScope documentation says:


    HP.config / HP-UX.config - Adapter file for Hewlett-Packard HP/UX
    HP64.config  - Adapter file for Hewlett-Packard HP/UX 64-bit


    So if you run HP/UX 64-bit your choice is clear.

    If you run HP/UX 32-bit open the corresponding .config files and check commands there. These are commands SiteScope will run on your HP/UX server to get metrics on  CPU, memory, disk space etc. You can try to run the commands manually to see if they produce results expected. If you don't see any meaningful difference, simply create 2 remote server definitions with different OS templates and setup whatever monitors you plan to use against this HP/UX server. Then see how all those monitors will work, and which ones will produce results that you expect.