SIS-BSM: RunningSoftware - Container name - property

Hi all,


My question is about "Container name" for a RunningSoftware CI's property in BSM.

I'm pushing some CI as RunningSoftware (script monitor) from SiteScope.

Althought all monitors have the same BSM-SiteScope integration's configuration, Container Name property for some CIs are populated and for some others it is not.

Below is the integration configuration from SiteScope side:


For the below CI, container name is populated by the RunningSoftware: in this case it is "air1" wich refers to the Server(%%host%%) label in BSM-SIS integration setting


For this one, container name is not populated:


As I understood, normally the container name property should be populated by the Server name which is coonfigured in BSM-SIS integration settings.

Any help please?




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