URL Monitor to check for contents and ignore HTTP response code.

Hi guys,

I am currently stuck into a situation where I have to add a monitor for SOAP Web Service. This web service expects a SalesID which is there in the Prod database. If the SalesID is not found then the response is sent with message "Sales ID not found" and HTTP response code 500 (Internal Server Error).

I have to add a monitor for this service. But the problem is that I cannot have a valid SalesID, so I have to send invalid one just to check service is up and running. But with the invalid SalesID, it gives response with code 500 for which SiteScope shows error.

So, is there a way around where we can only check for response message and ignore HTTP response code?


Your help will be appreciated.




  • Verified Answer

    URL monitor is designed to go into error if no HTTP 200 is returned, besides the WebService should not be returning anything else other than the HTTP for URL monitor. You should use WebService monitor to be able to catch the SOAP fault message along with the HTTP 500 error, however this is not good monitoring as HTTP may be returned because other issues not just an invalid SalesID.

  • Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for your response. Earlier I had tried the same with Web Service monitor but was not able to find a way to compare contents and ignore status, so gave a try to do it using URL monitor.  Fortunately, today I saw Threshold setting in Web Service monitor which earlier I had overlooked. It has option to comapare the response with status 500 and match contents. I was able to get the things done as needed using this.


    Thanks again.