BSM 9.10: Error when trying to log into BSM



I am getting the below error from IIS.   I have checked everything on the Microsoft website for the article on this error. 


HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error Calling LoadLibraryEx on ISAPI filter "I:\HPBSM\bin\IIS\isapi_redirect.dll" failed


Does anyone have a clue as to hpow to resovle this or seen this with BSM 9.10 and IIS 7.5?


Any information greatly appreciated.



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  • Looks to me like there was an upgrade and IIS settings (path to isapi_redirect.dll) have not been updated properly during the upgrade, causing access to BSM Gateway server to fail with HTTP error.


    The IIS configuration needs to be changed (via IIS applet in Windows) to reflect the new updated path.

    Can you try this, stop BSM services and on GW execute the following


    In the example below BAC 8.07 was installed in D:\HPBAC, BSM 9.12 was installed to D:\HPBSM,
    So the path needs to be changed from "D:\HPBAC" to "D:\HPBSM"

     Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
    on the left pane select
    on the right pane click on
        ISAPI Filters
          Filter name : jakartaFilter
          Executable  : D:\HPBSM\bin\IIS\isapi_redirect.dll

    on the right pane click on
        ISAPI and CGI Restrictions
          ISAPI or CGI path : D:\HPBSM\bin\IIS\isapi_redirect.dll
          Description       : jakartaFilter
          Allow extension path to execute : checked



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