Sitescope 11.24 LDAP integration

Hi Experts,

I am trying to do LDAP integrate  for sitescope 11.24 , I have attached my configuration, and I am getting attached error, what should be in LDAP context field,is it mandatory field? Which Logfile should I refer ? 


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  • Experts any suggestion on this?

  • Hey,

    I can check my configuration(11.24 and 11.32) tomorrow(CEST) to see what you might missed.
    If your ldap user/connection is fine then the final issue should only be about adding the proper context/group.


  • Hey,

    Configure the URL to point to the ldap server(we're using ldaps, but ldap with proper port is fine)

    Configure the context to be the top level context, in our case(to match the URL) (we do not allow Viewer permissions for all)

    Test the configuration, if done right you should get something like
    1000 users were found for LDAP context DC=domain,DC=this,DC=net.

    As for the permission assignment for the individual Groups:
    Create a user role, example:
    If you are not sure what the full CN for the group in question is, refer to your AD admins.

    Assign the permissions to the group - done.