Sitescope generating false ICMP Alert

Hello Friends,


We have SIS 11.24 32 bit on Win 2012 64 bit OS. We received an event from Sitescope "Log Event Health Monitor" stating that "Node ddci-sis1.sys is probably down or unreachable".


However, Sitescope server is always available. We would like to understand the reason behind Sitescope generating false alert for its own reachability.


Can someone please shed some light on this.





  • Is ddci-sis1.sys the SiS server? Can you check error.log and RunMonitor.log to track down the message that is setting the health monitor into error status?

  • Hello Kenneth,


    Yes, ddci-sis1 is our Sitescope server name. I had a look at error.log and RunMonitor.log for the time period when we receive a message "Node ddci-sis1.sys is probably down or unreachable" in OML, but can see only following.


    2015-04-21 14:26:26,907 [Monitor Scheduler] ( ERROR - skipped #1, monitor still running: SiteScope/201721443/201735160/19:( qm-spnode1.qidc.sys ), start executing a task in a process from the process pool...


    What else we could do to find the root cause behind Sitecope unreachable event, which we received in OML.




  • That doesn't seem related. What's the source of this event in OML, the Log Event Health monitor? That event message doesn't seem to comply with new OM integration event mapping, how are you sending events from SiS?

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