SiS Support Tip - How to force SiteScope to send the IP address to BSM instead the host name?

Sometimes is not possible to see the SiteScope dashboard from BAC-SAM due to a problem with the DNS resolution.
The first step you can try is applying the following document:
If that doesn’t fix the problem SiteScope can be forced to send its IP address to BSM by changing a string in the master.config file located in <SiteScope folder installation>\groups (The SiteScope service must be stopped).
In mater.config file change the property: _sisHostNameOverride adding the IP of your SiteScope server in that way Sitescope will override the hostname by its IP address to resolve DNS resolution problem.
Before to do any change in the SiteScope configuration first stop the SiteScope service and create a back up at least of groups and persistency folders.
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