BSM 9.20 user permissions for RTSM web service

Hello all!

I want to make service accounts in BSM that have access rights to RTSM web-api and rtsm java api.

In BSM in Admin → Platform → Users and Permissions → User Management i create user and assign to it roles "RTSM Open API Query","RTSM Open API Update"",RTSM Open API Impact","RTSM Open API Class Model".

I can`t authorize in http://bsmdps:21212/axis2/services/UcmdbService?wsdl with created account.

If i assign to cretated user "Superuser" -the same a can`t authorize.

In RTSM  jmx-conosole http://bsmdps:21212/jmx-console i tryed to create integration user in security services, but this user have the same problen with authorization.

If i create in security services system user it can authorize to http://bsmdps:21212/axis2/services/UcmdbService?wsdl, but it can authorize to jmx-console, so this like admin account and a can`t use it by security reasons.

Please tell how i can make service account for permissions only to RTSM web-api and Java api?


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