Alert not triggering?



Would greatly appreciate your help!


I have a DB query that went red earlier today. SiS is integrated with BSM and we are utilizing OMi to transfer events to HP SM to create Incidents. Upon receiving a good condition this will cause the HP SM ticket to be set to resolved status and clear the event from the OMi browser.


The monitor itself is not configured to send events, only the alerts themselves.


OMi received the error alert and created an event along with a ticket in HP SM. The alert for the monitor has two actions:


1. Send an error once, after 3 times of being in error. This worked.

2. Send a good once, after 1 time and only after being in error 3 times.


Despite the monitor turning green and being green for several hours now (one run every 10 minutes) I have still not received the good (clearing) event, the event remains in OMi and the ticket in HP SM is not set to Resolved.


I know this has worked for other events we are sending.


Please lend me your expertise, thanks!