(OMi) Support Tip: Check the OMi database's configuration

In recent weeks Micro Focus support has seen a number of cases where the database was not performing as expected in that it was too slow, or OMi’s opr-backend process was losing connection or other unexpected behavior.
One of the key factors in several of these situations was that the specific recommendations from the OMi database guide were not in place for the database.
In particular for the Oracle database the OPEN_CURSORS is recommended to be at 2000 for runtime and at 10000 during the upgrade process.
Please see the OMi 10.62 database Guide pages 67-70 for the rest of the Oracle parameters and the complete Oracle database configuration in chapters 10-13.

There are also chapters and settings for Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases in the same guide

The OMi 10.62 Database Guide is KM02863499 on the support page. Please search for the most current version of the guide as later OMi versions are released.