(BSM) Support Tip: Incorrect step on BSM 9.26 Upgrade Guide

BSM 9.26 Upgrade guide requires the following steps:

Copy files to verify database validity

Some additional files are needed to allow BSM to verify the validity of the database.
a. Find the version of your BSM database by running the following query in the management database:
     SELECT * FROM system where sys_name = 'dbpatchver'
     This will return the version of your database (for example, 1085 for BSM 9.23).
b. Go to DVD root directory\packages\DBVerifyVersions\<version_of_your_database>.
c. Copy and overwrite the contents of the folder with the same version number as your database to your server's HPBSM\dbverify directory.
However this is incorrect and not required.
There is already a bug submitted in order to get this removed from the guide (QCCR1I111560).