OMU8 support Tru64 TruCluster?

Our setup:
Mgmt server
- HP-UX 11.31 IA-64
- OMU8 with latest patch
- OMU8.53 Tru64Unix agents patch

2 X Managed nodes
- Tru64 5.1B
- TruCluster in active (Node2)/passive(Node1) mode
1) Is OMU8 supported to run on TruCluster?
2) After installing successfully on Node2, I noticed that Node1's /usr/opt/OV & /var/opt/OV exists & ovbbccb,ovcd & ovconfd are running as well!
3) Also, in the mgmt server, there are 2 pending cert request for only 1 installation to Node2.

Points for useful suggestions.