Business impact service is currently unavailable.

Hi Team,


In dashboard ,top view , we are getting error like "Business impact service is currently unavailable,please try again in few minutes". After whole restart of BSM issue resolve but again come within 4-5 days.


i tried to restart "marble_supervisor" service to avoid downtime but it does not work.


Please suggest, how to tackle this issue.




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  • Hello

    I have the same problem, but when I restart HP BSM, the top view is available one day, next day the CI are blue (in the view) and second day show the message "Business impact service is currently unavailable." I increase marble_supervisor_vm_params to 2GB and mercuryAS_vm_params to 2 GB, but the issue persist.

    Anyone know this issue?


    Thanks for your time





  • Does it take a long time before it fails on primary dps?

    Reason I ask is in "infrastructure settings>foundations>high availability controller" there is a time limit set (like 10 minutes) it will take before it fails over to start up on the secondary dps.

    this use to catch me out in BSM