Error: ctrx_set_connect_opt(D:\ProgramData\HP\BPM\workspace\Invocation\14\837_1\res\nfuse_1.ica)

Hi Experts,

I am trying to run a BPM script on one of the BPM probe . Script is web based citrix script and is failing to launch the citrix app  and getting errored out as below.

 Error: Connect can not be established - Last Citrix error=70 (Error connecting to server), last client error=1110 (Unknown client error 1110) [MsgId: MERR0] Error: ctrx_set_connect_opt("D:\ProgramData\HP\BPM\workspace\Invocation\15\837_1\res\nfuse_1.ica") failed. Server IP address = ;40;STA571269B200D0;67B57CDCF350339B9559BC4E171AB5E4. Operation exceeded timeout. [MsgId: MERR-91990]


I have tested the script by running each step manually and it works well. Apart from that script is running well through Vugen but getting errored out when runs on probe.

Citrix receiver version is 14.2

HP BPM version is 9.25

Attached is the ICA file located at D:\ProgramData\HP\BPM\workspace\Invocation\15\837_1\res

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.



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