SiteScope Event to OMi Monitoring

I'm looking for the best way to monitor\validate that all of my SiteScopes are still sending events into OMi.  I'm thinking of something that could notify me when one (or more) of my SiteScopes stops sending events for one reason or another.


Is there a heartbeat function or process I could leverage?  What have other people done?





  • you can use Alert which will send event on every monitor run (on a dummy monitor which will run every X minutes, something like Ping on localhost). then in OMi you can use SBEC rule for missing occurance, if you dont see that event after X minutes.

    you can also use System Health which monitors the connection health between SiS and BSM.

  • Hi Asaf,

    I set all my alerts to not send to OMi and it doesn't appear that I can create custom alert event mappings in SiteScope, it's all or none?  Is there another way to do this?  Ideally this is the correct solution.


    Will System Health let me know event connection information for each SiteScope and alert me when it's not working?

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