OMi 10.62 integration with Sitecop11.40 is failed to create a connected server in OMi

Hello Team,

We have OMi 10.62 with 2 DPS (Active - Passive) and 2 GWs with HTTP(Active-Active) with Load Balancer configured as HTTPS.

Sitescope 11.40 with HTTPS.

Sitescope events are successfully forwared to OMi. But the topology integration failing as not able to add Sitescope as connected server. For this I have below questions.

1 . Do we need to enable HTTPS on individual OMi GW server to as sitescope as connected server ?

2.  Please suggest ideas to work this topology integraiton




  • Hello Hari,

    Please make sure this steps were followed:


    • Required if both OMi and SiteScope use HTTPS setup. Import the SiteScope server Keystore to the OMi CA keystore:
    1. Copy the SiteScope serverKeystore, located in C:\SiteScope\groups\serverKeystore, to the following location in OMi: <OMi_HOME>\JRE\lib\security
    2. Import the serverKeystore to OMi cacerts:

    <OMi_HOME>\JRE\bin\keytool -importkeystore -destkeystore cacerts -deststorepass <keypass> -srckeystore \tmp\serverKeystore -srcstorepass <keypass>

    For <keypass>, define the keystore password that you set in SiteScope.

            3. Restart SiteScope and the OMi gateway server.


    Also, I'll recommend check this KM about known issue with SiS-OMi topology integration for SiS 11.40

    If this is the case, open a ticket with support for further troubleshooting.