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Ability to get data on OBM dashboard from other OBM in MoM configuration

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over 2 years ago

OBM must be able to show in local console data like model and events from another OBM system. This is usefull in MoM config - for example show specific events from regional OBM without forwarding it to global OBM. As example you can take APM-Omi integration - when you can show APM widgets in Omi console


  • This is what I want to avoid - send events. Forwarding event required double job to setup KPI, HI and calculation rules on both OBM servers. In my scenario I want just forward result of Status or KPI calculation from subordinate server. On global server I want to see just KPIs statuses of Infrastructure Service. And than I what to drill down to events on regional server , that affect this KPI. This is useful if we split OBM server roles on tasks level (like infrastructure and service monitoring).
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    While in general, it might be helpfule to have the ability to see data from other OBM servers, events may or may not be the best example. Usually, in a  MOM setup, you would have forwarded the important events into MOM OBM already. Do you have some specific examples in  mind where you may not want to forward the data to central MOM server but would like to see it from the regional OBMs? What kind of UI components will be useful here?

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